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(Multiple Plugins) LamontesCrib 07-11-21 20:11 URS Everything EQ Bundle preset collection Edit 156.2Kb 1979 URS_Everything_EQ_Bundle_Presets.zip
URS A10 Series EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:41 URS A10 Preset collection Edit 17.5Kb 990 URS_A10_EQ.zip
URS A-MIX EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:45 URS A Miix EQ preset collection Edit 15.1Kb 948 URS_A_MIX_EQ.zip
URS A series EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:42 URS A series EQ Preset collection Edit 12.6Kb 837 URS_A_Series_EQ.zip
URS Classic Console Strip Pro LamontesCrib 07-11-21 20:03 URS Strip Pro Preset collection Edit 66.9Kb 1279 URS_Strip_Pro.zip
URS FullTec EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:48 URS FullTec EQ preset collection Edit 11.6Kb 1011 URS_FullTec_EQ.zip
URS N12 Series EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:42 URS N12 EQ preset collection Edit 15.7Kb 830 URS_N12_EQ.zip
URS N-MIX EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:47 URS N Mix EQ preset collection Edit 17.4Kb 846 URS_N_MIX_EQ.zip
URS N Series EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:43 URS N series EQ preset collection Edit 6.9Kb 1288 URS_N_Series_EQ.zip
URS S-MIX EQ LamontesCrib 07-11-21 19:43 URS S Mix EQ preset collection Edit 17.7Kb 856 URS_S_MIX_EQ.zip
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